Awesome Home Gym Décor Ideas

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Whether you’ve already set up your home gym, and are looking to spice it up a bit or you’re about to set up your gym for the first time – we’ve got some decorating ideas to make it look as fun as possible.

We’ve got tips to make your gym seem bigger, more comfortable, and more welcoming. By the time we’re done with it, you’ll be happy to spend all day working out in your home gym.


Firstly, you’ll need to figure out what’s your airflow situation.

Isn’t getting away from the poorly ventilated gym atmosphere one of the reasons you set up a home gym in the first place? If you’ve got windows, open them.

You could also get either a ceiling of a standing fan. Or, you could even get a portable AC if your home gym doesn’t have the real thing.



Lighting is the one advantage your home gym is sure to have over a gym you need to pay a monthly fee for.

There are lots of other advantages, too, obviously.

But, not having to stand under ugly white fluorescent lights certainly makes us feel happy.

So, get your favorite lights and get decorating! If you’re a fairy lights type of person, you could string them up all over the place, and have your workouts feel positively otherworldly.

If your tastes run more towards the dramatic, you could set up some studio lights. Perfect for gym selfies. Or, you could even get Wi-Fi enabled bulbs so that you can change the colors with your mood.

Even just installing a dimmer on your existing lights can help you transition from yoga to cardio.

There’s something for everyone – because absolutely no one wants to work out under fluorescent lights.


Sound-SystemHaving your own gym also means never having to listen to music you don’t like. Your home gym can be set up to your own liking, down to the sound system.

You can have speakers everywhere around you, or you can keep them in one spot. Then, just plug in your phone and listen to any type of music or podcasts you like.

Even if you enjoy listening to the typical gym Beast Mode playlist – why not do it in the comfort of your own home gym?

You could also have a TV in the room if you’re not distracted by that type of thing. Enjoy your favorite shows without having them cut into gym time.


Hanging up mirrors, maybe even having them cover a whole wall, can be just the thing for your gym.

Mirrors can especially help to open up a smaller room, although if your home gym is really small, you might not have room for floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall mirrors, anyway.


In that case, we’d still recommend hanging up at least one mirror so that you can keep an eye on your form while working out.

That will ensure that you’re not putting your body in any potentially dangerous positions.

Not to mention that you’ll be able to get the perfect mirror selfie as confirmation of a successful workout session.

Storage Space

Home gyms are often at least somewhat messy areas.

They don’t start out that way – we always set them up with the intention of leaving them as pristine as they are before we use them for the first time. But, life gets in the way, and weights get scattered in places they shouldn’t be.

Hidden Treadmill.png

Also, you might just have too much workout gear for the storage space you have in your home gym.

If that’s the case, we always say: when in doubt, go vertical. That is to say, use every inch of your gym’s height as storage space.

You can either DIY shelves and weight racks or head to a furniture store and try to find the perfect storage space for your needs. And, of course, you can paint and customize your home gym storage to your liking.

Multi-Purpose Gyms

If you don’t have an unhealthy fascination with multi-purpose furniture, we’re not sure you’re human.

Inspired by awesome pieces of transforming furniture, we bring you the following idea: a hidden home gym.

If you can’t spare a whole room to be your exercise area, why not have your gym come down from the wall?

Get a few boards and some screws and get to work. You could make floor-length storage space for weights, with a drawbridge door that doubles as a lifting platform, just as we saw in one ambitious DIY project.

What about a home gym that transforms into a bed?

Or, you could keep it simple and just use a desk with drawers and have it double as gym equipment storage space. Have you ever seen those cute tiny houses online? Why not make a tiny home gym?

Even Home Gym Equipment like this, can be stored in a clever way to save on space.

Set Up a Barre


There’s something to be said about the image of a stylish mirror hanging above an exercise barre.

Why not channel your inner prima donna and set up an exercise barre in your living room?

It’s quick and easy, and it hardly costs anything if you don’t get it from a gym equipment manufacturer.

Stop by your friendly neighborhood hardware store and pick up a pipe or a wooden staff and a few boards or metal hooks to screw into your wall and hold the barre.

You’ll be as limber as a ballerina in no time.

Inspo Wall

Adding an inspiration wall is another way you can personalize your home gym.

You can do this by printing out motivational quotes and pictures, or you can take it up a notch and paint a meaningful quote or image directly on the wall.

Luckily, there’s a whole internet of fitness inspo you can browse before you decide to paint your wall. In the meantime, though, there’s no harm in printing out a few lines that’ll make you work harder and get stronger!


Be Practical

Some décor will actually improve your workout, and not just because you’ll feel energized by looking at it.

Take shock-absorbent mats, for example.

They’re a necessary piece of your gym equipment, to be sure, but even a colorful mat can bring some life to your home gym.

You could even get those vinyl puzzle piece mats, which also come in a bunch of colors and patterns, for shock absorption.

Also, if you’d like, you could improve the traction of your floor by coating it with epoxy, which is also waterproof, and therefore easy to clean.

A mini-fridge or a snack bar could be another practical, and even luxurious, addition to your home gym.

Stock the fridge with water bottles, put protein bars in the snack bar, and you’ll have a better workout experience than most of those poor people at the gym you used to work out in.

Let your Creativity Run Wild

Wooden-Squat-rack-and-BenchPlay around with materials when you’re thinking about gym décor! Gym equipment is often gray and black.

If you want to lean into the cool metal theme of your gym equipment, you could decorate the room in a minimalist style and call it a day.

We also recommend contrasting by letting nature back into your home gym. Have rich wooden textures all over the space, and incorporate some greenery or flowers.

If you have windows, open them wide and let nature come to you. Or, if you’re not really anywhere near nature, paint your walls green, or put up nature-inspired wallpaper.

You can even go totally abstract with your decor. A strong, vibrant strip of color on just one wall will brighten up the whole room. And, even your storage can double as decor.

For example, you could have your jump rope hanging from decorative hooks. You can even paint your gear storage closet to match your style. Or, why not even decorate the gear itself?

If you’re a wacky sort of person, why not have your weights show that part of your personality?

Basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your home gym decorations.

So, why not make it as comfortable to hang out in as possible? Your home gym is sure to become a true haven if you incorporate some of these tips!

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